Aconity3D to distribute aluminum powders

Equispheres has signed a distribution deal with Aconity3D, a 3D printing equipment specialist based in Aachen, Germany.

According to the company, Equispheres’ specialized aluminum powders can be used with the AconityTWO system and printed up to three times faster (53 hours reduced to 17.5 hours) with no impact on mechanical properties.

“This non-exclusive agreement allows Aconity3D to provide its customers with a powder qualified on Aconity3D printing equipment, that has been shown to achieve higher build rates than traditional aluminum powders when combined with the precision and power of Aconity3D’s equipment,” said Evan Butler-Jones, Aconity3D VP.

“Equispheres’ powder can absorb the energy from a powerful one-kilowatt laser without disturbing the stability of the melt pool. This is not attainable with standard aluminum powders, and it becomes more important as the industry embraces newer higher-tech printing equipment.”