Abu Dhabi researchers develop first metal AM alloy designed in Middle East

Abu Dhabi’s Technology Innovation Institute (TII) has unveiled a new portfolio of additive manufacturing materials – AMALLOY-HT.

The newly released, high-temperature variant of the AMALLOY-HT alloy demonstrates excellent thermal stability, especially in extremely high-temperature environments up to 300°C.

AMALLOY is the first low-cost, high-strength aluminium alloy wholly designed and produced by a team of researchers in the UAE.

“While there have been several examples of new materials for additive manufacturing emerging from laboratories in the US, Europe, and Australia, this is the first time the UAE has joined the elite list of countries with sovereign capabilities in this domain,” said Dr Nesma Aboulkhair, Director of Additive Manufacturing at TII. “We are now cultivating the expertise to produce metal powder and design innovative materials, empowering us to manufacture existing alloys and create new ones for both local and global markets.”

Dr Federico Bosio, Lead Researcher in Additive Manufacturing Materials at TII, said: “As part of TII's ongoing commitment to innovation, AMALLOY-HT will continue to undergo refinement, fine-tuning, and even more comprehensive testing. The goal is to commercialize the high-strength aluminium alloy specifically designed for high-temperature applications. While this material creates a plethora of new opportunities and solutions for industries around the world, it will also elevate Abu Dhabi and the UAE's reputation as a hub for cutting-edge research and development.”

TII has filed two patents with the US Patent and Trademark Office for AMALLOY and AMALLOY-HT and plans to use its framework to develop alloys from other metal families.