3D Systems had Q2 2023 revenue of US$128,194, a decrease from the same period of 2022 by 8.5%.

This was mainly due to “expected weakness” in the dental orthodontic industry, the company said.

“Looking at the state of the additive manufacturing market today, it is increasingly clear to us that the industry is at an exciting inflection point, with 3D printing now moving into factory production environments worldwide,” said Dr Jeffrey Graves, president and CEO. “What we and many others in our space agree upon is that scale is increasingly necessary, not only to deliver sustainable profitability, but also to diversify end markets and smooth out quarterly results, such that one market, technology, or customer does not have an outsized impact on consolidated financial results. For our company, the dramatic success we have experienced in the dental orthodontics market over many years has now translated into an outsized negative impact as consumer discretionary spending on dental aligners has plummeted.”