Metal Powder Report's top feature stories of 2023

As 2023 comes to a close, we list the most-read feature stories on the Metal Powder Report website during the last 12 months.

Image © fotogestoeber - Adobe Stock.

1. High speed bike manufacture

Metal additive manufacturing (AM) helped the Great Britain Olympic cycling team improve the aerodynamics of its track cycles.



2. Magic magnets

Russian scientists have discovered a way to combine two paramagnetic materials through 3D printing to make an alloy with magnetic properties.



3. Portable cold spray technology

VRC Metal Systems explains the technology behind its new portable cold spray system.


4. Interview: Equispheres

A Canadian powder producer is scaling up production for additive manufacturing (AM). Liz Nickels spoke to its COO and CEO about the next steps.


5. The case for copper AM

In 2020, Schunk expanded its expertise to include the composite extrusion modelling process (CEM) by acquiring an ExAM 255 multi-material 3D printing system from German 3D printing specialist AIM3D. The first results of this development partnership can now be seen, as Christian Stertz, project manager for systems engineering at Schunk, explains.